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Celebrating Cabernet Day the Caton Way

Celebrating Cabernet Day the Caton Way
September 3, 2020 Ty Caton

Ty Caton in the Caton Estate Vineyards

International Cabernet Day is a special day for the Caton team. Since Cabernet Sauvignon is our tried and true varietal, we can’t help but feel immense pride and love in our work and the glasses we pour. We sat down with Ty to dive deeper into his passion for Cabernet Sauvignon and his history with the varietal.

Q: Why did you choose to plant mostly Cabernet Sauvignon in the vineyard?

Ty: One of the most important first decisions a farmer must make is to plant the right varietal in the right location. I knew from my research that we have an extraordinary place, and to grow anything other than Cabernet would have been a travesty. After all, we’re in Cab Country! 

Q: What was your first experience drinking Cab?

Ty: I’ve had a few aha moments. One that comes to mind was at my cousin’s bachelor party dinner. He brought out an older Cabernet from Beringer Vineyards, and it blew me away! I was hooked. 

Q: What do you love about Cabernet?

Ty: I love a good Cabernet that is full-bodied with good palate weight. I’m drawn to ones that are deeply concentrated with soft tannins and a moderate-high oak component.  

The Caton Cabernet Collection Q: Why did you start the Caton Cabernet Collection?

Ty: After six years of farming the vineyard, I realized that all my
different blocks are so varied with different elevations, row
directions, inclines, clones, and soil types. Some are 20 yards
apart, and some have a 400-foot elevation difference, yet each
of them produces wines so different from the other that you’d
think they were from different parts of wine country. I wanted
to showcase each of these special blocks on their own, so the
Caton Cabernet Collection was born! It’s really fun to line up
all seven wines and taste through them side-by-side.  


Q: What’s your favorite Cabernet and food pairing?

Ty: I like Cabernet with all food. Sometimes I call Cabernet a cross-over, meaning that you can have it with food or drink it by itself. 

Q: Do you have a favorite Cabernet in your lineup?

Ty: It depends on the day, but I’d never say.


We always believe there is a reason to celebrate Cabernet Sauvignon. As Ty said, it pairs well with everything from grilled steaks to hearty burgers and beer can chicken (check out our Summer Pairings blog for the recipe), or can be enjoyed on its own. The Cabernet Sauvignon wines produced from our Caton Estate Vineyard are approachable, have layers of fruit and earth flavors, and are balanced vintage after vintage, meaning they can be opened now or aged another 10-15 years!

We invite you to try our Cabernet Sauvignon. Shop Ty’s Cabernets online or in-person at our Kenwood Tasting room, including our small production Caton Cabernet Collection. To ensure you always receive each vintage of the Collection, join our Caton Cabernet Collection Wine Club! You will receive four shipments each year, customizable to any budget.

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