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Located on the western slopes of the Mayacamas Mountains, the Caton Vineyard is a rugged setting ideally situated to grow world-class grapes in the Moon Mountain District of Sonoma Valley.  The vineyard is blessed with an ideal climate with warm, moderate sunshine during the day and cool breezes in the evening.  The 40-acre vineyard is spread out over 108 acres of steeply contoured hillsides that are as unique as the wines they produce.  Each distinct block is defined by its different sun exposures, soil type, incline, clone, and elevation.  The vineyard is farmed sustainable with a strong commitment to the stewardship of the land.

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The Seven Cabernet Sauvignon Blocks


A warm site, the Arroyo has a south-easterly facing slope that allows it to enjoy the afternoon sun.

5.7 acres, 4,802 vines, Clone 337

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The Knoll, a half-acre “rock” vineyard with an east-west row direction has small vines, low yields and produces some incredibly unique Cabernets. With over 80 jack hammer bits used, 90% of the vines and stakes were jack-hammered into the earth during development.

0.53 acres, 559 vines, Clone 8

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The only terraced vineyard, the Terraces is a rocky site that enjoys a west facing sun exposure.  Areas of this vineyard are so rugged that some rows have hand dug walking trails and are farmed without a tractor.  Every year this wine surprises us with something new and unique.

1.35 acres, 1,253 vines, Clone 8

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Little Hill

A small slice of land on the side of our vineyard road, this easterly facing vineyard has non-fertile, bright white, fluffy, powdery soil that does not retain moisture.  This unique environment typically produces wines that are the most “different” from the other cabernet blocks.

1.42 acres, 1,496 vines, Clone 8

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Big Hill

The Big Hill is one of the most rigid vineyards to farm in the Caton Estate with steep slopes over 40% in incline. Both its soil and east-west row alignment creates a wine with medium acidity and a polished tannin structure.  The 2018 vintage shows a complex aroma profile of red and dark fruit with vibrant flavors of blackberry, black currant and mint. The Big Hill offers an elegant yet distinctive palate with supple fruit and exceptional quality.

4.89 acres, 5,142 vines, Clone 8

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Upper Bench

The Upper Bench is the highest point of the vineyard with the deepest, richest, red volcanic soil. With over 8 small watering stations, we are able to control the watering volume on a micro level.

10.96 acres (7.96 acres Cabernet, 3 acres Merlot), 10,699 vines, Clone 8 and 3

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With finesse, this north to south facing vineyard routinely produces the biggest, boldest wines with classic cabernet aromas and flavors with a firm grip and lingering finish.

2.62 acres, 2,762 vines, Clone 15

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