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History of Caton Vineyards

Rhone Wine Club Small Winery in Sonoma
Sonoma Valley Rhone WinesTy Caton Vineyards is located on the site of a winery and vineyards in Sonoma Valley that was founded in the 1920s and ran consistently through prohibition and into the 1940s. The 16 acres of vines were worked with a horse and plow and managed by proprietor, Carl Bergfried. The original Sonoma winery, crush-pad and house still stand as a testament to the rich winegrowing history of the land. The Caton family purchased the property in 1981 with the idea of someday restoring and expanding the Best Winery in Sonoma Valleyvineyards over the beautiful rolling hills.

Ty Caton Vineyards was founded in 1997 when Ty Caton began developing vineyards on his family’s estate. Located adjacent to some of the most famed vineyards in California, he saw the potential for growing world-class grapes. With vision and persistence, Ty carved out and created 40 acres of beautiful hillside vineyards spread out over 107 acres of natural habitat. He attained a deep respect for the vineyards and a passion for grape growing, and decided that he wanted to see the grapes through their journey to the bottle. In 2000, he made his first vintage of wine. His Sonoma Valley wines were met with immediate critical acclaim that has continued throughout the years.

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